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Eastside One Featured on The Build Show with Matt Risinger

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Text Transcription of Build Show Video

Our 50-unit condo project at 1825 E. Eighth Street, Eastside One, was featured on the BUILD show with Matt Risinger. Matt is considered the "king of construction content". Matt is one of the most recognizable thought leaders in the construction space. His Youtube channel, which has over a million subscribers, is dedicated to all things building science.

Through the Build Show Network's partnership with Builders Firstsource (a valued supplier on our team) and our rep (Chris Ostrowski) we were able to get to know Matt and share our project with him and his audience.

Revolutionizing Condo Construction: Traverse City's Concrete Marvel

Traverse City is now home to a groundbreaking condominium complex that's setting new standards for construction and design in the short term rental community. Developed by Cornerstone Homes TC, this building is unique for its use of pre-cast concrete panels, providing exceptional insulation, durability, and a modern aesthetic that stands out from typical construction methods.

The building comprises both exterior and some interior walls made entirely of pre-cast concrete, which ensures a high level of thermal efficiency and soundproofing. These walls have a dual layer of concrete with a four-inch foam insulation sandwiched in between, providing a robust barrier against the elements and a quiet living space for residents. This innovative structure not only enhances the building's energy efficiency but also contributes to a more serene rental experience, a critical factor for vacationers.

In terms of design, the builders have opted for a contemporary look, with features like exposed spiral ductwork and industrial-style lighting that give it the charm of a converted warehouse. Yet, everything inside is brand new. This approach to design continues with the interior, which embraces an open and modern aesthetic. The hallways forego drop ceilings for exposed fixtures, and the units feature visible structural elements and mechanical systems, adding to the industrial vibe.

One of the project's greatest achievements is its construction speed, thanks to the pre-cast concrete method. It allowed for a rapid assembly of the building's shell, enabling work on the interiors to commence even as the outer construction continued. The building's all-electric systems, including heat pumps that provide both heating and cooling, are another nod to modernity and sustainability.

This condo is not just a residence but also an investment opportunity, with units primarily designed for VRBO and Airbnb rentals. We anticipate a mix of full-time residents and seasonal renters, drawn by the allure of Traverse City in the summer.

Cornerstone Homes TC has demonstrated that innovative construction techniques like pre-cast concrete are not only feasible but also highly efficient - making this condo building a pioneering project in the housing market and a desirable destination for travelers and investors alike.

For more information on this revolutionary project, check out other posts on our website or check out their listings on


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