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Meet Red, our new site superintendent!

How long have you been with CHTC?

I'm the newest team member at Cornerstone.

Tell us about your career path.

I am a life long carpenter with about 40 years under my belt. Started out working in my uncles door and window shop as a teen and laboring in his remodel business. Began framing houses in the late '80's and have been making sawdust ever since. My path has taken me many directions and given me amazing experiences. I've worn many hats in the construction world over the years. Am by most accounts now a master carpenter with skills and abilities in all aspects of home building and repair. Been a lead carpenter, a foreman, a superintendent, a project manager, a home school shop teacher, a maintenance director, past business owner, field supervisor, ministry director, a coach and often times just a plain carpenter. Spent the past almost 25 years in the TC area and call it home. Greatest thing I've been blessed to help build is my 4 remarkable children.

What do you love most about what you do?

Mostly the satisfaction of taking a pile of raw materials and resources and turning it into someone's dream. I love teaching and sharing the process of how to efficiently get from beginning to end of a task or project. To spark another's mind to understand and accomplish what's before them is one of the greatest gifts I've ever been part of. Building relationships over the course of a build has been its own reward many times over.

Tell us a surprising or a fun fact about you.

With the number of years I've walked the earth its hard to pick just one. I once lived a season in a monastery with silent monks at the Abbey of Gethsemane in Bardstown, Kentucky. I was once an on air radio personality named Kevin Kelly. I hosted a call in request and dedication love song format show.


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