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Progress @ The Vault

Witnessing the transformation in this old bank remodel has been nothing short of amazing. Although, every remodel comes with its joys and challenges. We've stumbled across some treasures: coin boxes, old prints, and pneumatic tube carries that we are excited to tie into our bank themed vacation rental. However, removing the actual bank vault was quite an experience....We hoped to keep it but it ended up having to be completely dismantled inside the home in order for removal.

A complete demolition of the main floor, opened up the space to frame in 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths. The main door opens into a hallway featuring the old teller window and flowing into the spacious living room, dining room and kitchen. Much of the original exterior has remained, including the 3 drive-thru spots that will be utilized as parking for future guests. There will be a large fenced in yard behind the covered parking providing a space to relax outdoor.

The crews have completed drywall and are currently prepping for a coat of primer, which will add an extra layer of durability and vibrancy to our freshly painted walls. We eagerly anticipate the final outcome, where "The Vault" will be reborn as a unique experience for future vacationers.


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