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Winter is coming..

Snow, cold, and ice. I personally hate those three words. But I love summers in Northern Michigan enough to put up with winter🤣 With my favorite season *SARCASM* right around the corner, there's a long list of things to do before the snow starts to fly. Here's some winter prep work to be done to maintain your home for the harsh winter months:

  1. Check windows & doors: Keep the warm air from escaping and the cold air from finding its way in by checking for drafty windows or doors. It may be necessary to install new weather stripping or you can apply caulk to your seals for an additional layer of protection. Screens on doors and windows should be removed and stored to prevent damage.

  2. Declutter your gutters: After the majority of the leaves have fallen, ensure your gutters have been thoroughly cleared of any debris or leaves. This helps prevent ice dams which can cause damage to your home's roof and walls.

  3. Add extra insulation to pipes: There may be some uninsulated pipes in your basements, garages or crawlspaces that are more susceptible to burst in extreme cold. Add extra insulation by wrapping them in foam rubber sleeves.

  4. Check alarms: A great addition to this seasonal checklist, check the batteries on all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace as needed.

  5. Drain exterior spigots & sprinklers: Get on the schedule with a professional to have your sprinklers shut off and blown out. Don't forget to disconnect hoses from exterior spigots and drain.

  6. Chimney sweep: Professionally inspected and cleaned prior to using it for the season.

  7. Snow Removal: If you have a long driveway, consider hiring a local plow company. Otherwise, stock up on salt!

  8. Flip your fans: Hot air rises....reverse your ceiling fans in the winter so that it pushes the hot air down.

  9. HVAC System: Take it from me and prepare ahead of time, avoid the panic of a heating failure when it's in the single digits! Having your HVAC system professional inspected bi-annually can save you from freezing and big $$ spent. Grab a stock pile of furnace filters to have on hand and aim to replace it every 3 months. If you're in a newer home, it should be checked every month and changed as needed. Pro Tip: Write the date you installed a new one on the filter.

  10. Take a lap: Walk around the exterior of your property and examine the trees. Are there any branches that may break from the weight of snow and ice? Removing these can help save you from a potential power outage or damage to your home.


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